The rise of Conor Mcgregor

Conor Mcgregors skill and rise to famous has definetely inspired the irish to take MMA seriously.

While Conor may not be the first Irish man to step into the octagon he is the first Irish Fighter to take a win. The first man from Ireland is Tom Egan who lost at UFC 93.  Conors Rise has definitely Kickstarted a rise of UFC challengers from  Ireland.

There has been a few stories of people stating Conors Rise has shown them that they can do it to for example 21 stone man Thomas Forbes shredded nearly a third of his body weight off! Thomas suffered from anxiety attacks and depression and now thanks to Conor and his hard work he’s looking great.

Conor started as a plumber but he knew it wasn’t for him. I think this is why people from ireland can relate so well to conor because he was at one point just like every one of them. He didn’t get any hand outs and in fact just one week before his UFC win he was given a #180 euro welfare cheque. Crazy right? well he picked up £60,000 on that win. It’s a certified rags to riches story.

MMA is definitely on the rise in Ireland and we think its a good thing! Especially to have a figure like Conor to look up to, it does wonders for the sport.

MMA can do wonders for you, its a total body workout, its more than just fitness, you can burn calories super quick, you will learn self defense, you’ll also learn discipline and its a huge stress reliever.

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